Security Alert: Important Information About the Heartbleed Bug

Apr 09, 2014 |

As you may have heard, a bug was uncovered this week in OpenSSL security. OpenSSL is used by web servers to secure users' personal information during transmission. This bug is a global problem and is not specific to Guilford Savings Bank or financial institutions.

Is my financial information safe? Yes. You are always protected from any unauthorized transactions. We use numerous systems to protect your information, including rigorous security standards, encryption and fraud detection software.

Should I update my passwords? It is always a good idea to update your passwords every few months, so doing so can only help. You should also monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to the bank immediately.

What is GSB doing about this? We are working diligently to ensure that none of our systems have been affected by this bug. At this time, we have not found anything requiring attention on any of our critical systems. In addition, we have spoken directly with many of our vendors to ensure either OpenSSL is not used, or if it is used, the necessary security patch has been made.  We will continue to work through all of our internal systems and vendor relationships to ensure that your information is protected. We are here to help you understand this, and we will continue to post updates if more information becomes available. If you have any questions at all and would like to reach out to us, you can do so at (203) 453-2721.

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