We're prepared to back you up. With our letters of credit, you can bid on jobs, post bonds, or quote a future project.

We provide letters of credit for everything from smaller private transactions to larger obligations such as real estate. We'll supply security for your transaction, on any size commitment.

Give us a call today or send us a message to discuss your project with an expert.

  • Lyle Fulton - EVP, Chief Lending Officer - (203) 535-7869
  • Gregory Pignataro - VP, Commercial Loan Origination Manager - (203) 780-1033
  • Mike Paz - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 804-6956
  • Mark Jenusaitis - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 458-5444
  • Suzanne Walsh Erno - VP, Senior Commercial Lender - (860) 661-2723
  • Brett Eagleson - AVP, Commercial Lender - (203) 907-7102

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