We offer flexible financing options for real estate parcels of any size.

From purchasing the land to bringing in utilities, our financing packages can be designed to cover a wide range of project costs. One loan closing can take care of the land acquisition, bonding requirements, infrastructure, and project development, potentially saving you thousands.

We have one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly financing packages available to finance the development of larger real estate parcels.

Give us a call today or send us a message to discuss your project with an expert.

  • Lyle Fulton - SVP, Commercial Loan Origination Manager - (203) 535-7869
  • Mike Paz - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 804-6956
  • Mark Jenusaitis - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 458-5444
  • Brett Eagleson - Commercial Lender - (203) 907-7102

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