Mobile devices are changing the way we view websites. To enhance your browsing experience on your device, we've created a new website using responsive design.

Whether you're using a tablet, smartphone, or PC, it’s easier than ever to access your account and find important information on our site.

You'll also notice a few new features. With My Favorites, you can track pages that are important to you, and mark them for future viewing or share them with one of our representatives. The Self Service Center opens up a world of online banking, including the ability to open accounts, apply for loans, deposit checks, and pay bills online. It's all part of our efforts to make our website more useful and easier to navigate, too.

Throughout the site, we’ve created a more personalized experience, with a strong focus on customer support. Our live online chat is a great way to get quick answers. We’ve also expanded our calling center hours as part of a company-wide effort to improve accessibility. All of these changes reflect our goal of enhancing your banking experience.


Ever wished you could collect information from our website easily and go back to it later, or share it with one of our customer representatives? With the My Favorites feature, you can add any of the informative pages on our site to a list of your favorites. In the My Favorites section, you can browse those pages at your leisure, or send them to a customer representative. It's a simple, convenient way to let us know you're interested in certain products or services.


Let's face it: you don't always have time to go to the bank. That's why we’ve made many typically in-bank actions available online. At any time convenient to you, you can open accounts, apply for loans, deposit checks, pay bills, and complete other tasks online from your home or office. Our Self Service Center is designed to make your life easier. By automating many simple banking tasks, we're stepping into a future that leaves more time for the important things in life.


If you browse the Web with a smartphone or tablet, you're not alone. To reflect the increased use of portable devices, our website is now completely mobile-friendly. Whether you're using an iPhone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, or similar device, you'll find our website accessible and easy to navigate.


We’ve streamlined our new website to provide superior customer service. Simply by visiting the site, you can engage in online live chat with a customer service representative. Additionally, you can email your My Favorites list to a representative with a click of a button, letting them know you want to learn more about a specific product or service. We’ve also extended our Access Banking Center calling hours to ensure that you can find support whenever you need it.


Today, it’s easier than ever to make the switch to GSB. Through our Self Service Center, you can open an account or even apply for a loan online. It’s a convenient way to start up a banking relationship when you don’t have time to visit a branch. You can also browse our website and add products or services to your My Favorites list, which you can send to a customer service representative. Our goal is to make it faster and easier to access whatever financial tools you need.


At GSB, our focus has always been on the community. Our new website reflects and strengthens this goal with its up-to-date listings of community events and its focus on local businesses. Keep an eye on the Featured Business section to see which local businesses we spotlight for their entrepreneurial success and their connection to GSB.


Our new website is tuned in to what you need. We’ll remember your favorite homepage, whether you’re a business or personal customer. With the My Favorites feature, you can create a list of items that interest you, such as information about a particular loan or bank account. You can browse this list at any time, or send it to a customer service representative. It’s just another way we’re working to make banking easier for you.

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