Whether it's for a planned payment or an unexpected expense, collateral loans offer you lower rates and extended terms.

Assets such as your GSB savings account or a certificate of deposit can secure a collateral loan. Since you're using your own funds for the loan, you'll enjoy flexible repayment at very competitive rates. You'll also continue to earn interest throughout the repayment period. Plus, it's easy to pay it off with automatic monthly payments set up from your GSB account.

With our collateral loans, you can:

  • Secure a low interest rate
  • Lend yourself the funds to achieve your goals
  • Get loans within 24 to 48 hours
  • Set up automatic monthly payments
  • Continue to earn interest on your assets
  • Build credit

Collateral loans are also a great way to get your child started earning credit. Learn more about how leveraging your assets can help you! Contact one of our lending representatives at (800) 730-6603 or loans@gsbyourbank.com for more information.

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