Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Last year, we introduced a refreshed brand and renewed our promise to remain an independent community bank.


The brand transition began with the groundbreaking of our North Haven office and has continued with the new look in our ad campaigns, and on documents, templates, and software.


In the most recent update, you'll see the new color palette and logo on our website, ensuring you’ll enjoy a consistent experience no matter how you choose to bank with us.


If you’re interested in learning more about our journey, continue reading below:


Something old: We have kept the long-standing acronym, GSB, but we are stepping back from the geo-limiting Guilford Savings Bank. With locations from North Haven to Old Saybrook, and digital and virtual banking services offered throughout the state, we are honoring our historical brand, but approaching new markets and new opportunities with our acronym, only.


Something new: Being a financial institution that offers a full range of services especially commercial products, while being called a "savings bank" has offered us some challenges. Clearly, we've overcome those perceptions, meeting both the consumer and commercial needs of our community. As a result, we are proud to position ourselves: "the only bank you'll ever need." This new phrase affirms our ability to meet consumer needs at all levels — business, commercial, stages of life... stages of wealth. Whatever your need, it's the GSB mission to be the only bank you'll ever need.


Something borrowed: We've kept our popular swoosh shape, modernizing it to be more reflective of current trends. We've also borrowed elements of our current font style, again modernizing to improve readability and adaptability across all digital devices. It's important that current fonts be accessible for websites, digital ads, and email communications.


Something blue(er): Speaking of accessibility you will note that while we have kept our blue/green colors, the values have been refreshed and we are now using a much darker blue. This color provides better contrast on traditional forms of advertising while also meeting ADA standards on websites, smartphone applications, and other new media where better contrast equates to a better consumer experience.



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